Welcome to FAN Demo Webinterface v2.4

  • Nagios: Core monitoring application
  • Centreon: web frontend for Nagios
  • NagVis : a great tools for configuring maps
  • Dokuwiki : online wiki
  • Official Nagios plugins : plugins to monitor servers
  • Contrib Nagios plugins : plugins offer by Nagios community
  • NDOUtils : Nagios module to store monitoring data in MySQL
  • NRPE : the check_nrpe plugin (NRPE daemon is not provided)

  • These 2 addons have been integrated as a custom and not provided in FAN iso :
    1. Thruk + livestatus !!!
    2. Nagios Business Process AddOns (Also available from Thruk) !!!
    Authentification require for Nagios, Centreon, Nagvis. Use login "nagiosadmin" and password "nagiosadmin".